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AutoCAD can be used to design anything and everything in detail and to scale. Architects and Drafters use AutoCAD to design blueprints for building, bridges, and roads. AutoCAD is software that helps engineers transfer designs from their minds to the real world. Users can create their own manufacturing plans, but also realistic images of their models by applying colors and textures


The main objective to learn AutoCAD software is to take students from beginners to advance level skill. It’s a magnificent tool for those who are planning to have career in Computer Aided Design, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Interior Design or simply anyone looking to become expertly proficient in the competitive skill of market today. It will take participants to learn the essential commands required for 2D drawings, 3D model, Elevations, Section views etc. using AutoCAD 2D & 3D

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Starting with Draw toolbar & initial settings for AutoCAD
  • Modify ToolBar
  • Orthographic management
  • Creating text & Tables
  • View management
  • Layer Management
  • Selection methods
  • Working with Blocks & Dynamic Blocks
  • Design Center & Tool Palette
  • Isometric drawings
  • Annotation and dimensions with Editing
  • Dimension Styles
  • Hatching Drawings & how to create own hatch pattern
  • Layout Management
  • Plotting Drawings in AutoCAD
  • Sheet set Management
  • Tips & Tricks in AutoCAD
  • Introduction to 3D Modeling CAD
  • 3D modeling concept in CAD
  • Working with Simple and composite Solids
  • Wireframe modeling
  • Solid modeling & Editing
  • Mesh modeling & editing
  • Surface modeling & editing
  • Create & manage 2D view from 3D models
  • Creating sections, Camera perspectives and animations
  • Converting 3D Objects
  • Material, lighting & rendering
  • Working with images
  • Import & Export
  • Set up a drawing for 3D prints

We can help students on particular college assignments and projects related to the AutoCAD 2D & 3D course.

Caliber Training & Services- Get the Best AutoCAD 2D & 3D Course Training Here!

AutoCAD is an Autodesk computer-aided design (CAD) program that allows architects, engineers, and construction professionals to produce exact 2D and 3D drawings.


You will learn to draft, annotate, and design 2D geometry and 3D models using solids, surfaces, and mesh objects in AutoCAD 2d and 3d design software training.

Caliber Training & Services is an AutoCAD trainer near me that can assist you with automating operations like drawing comparisons, adding blocks, generating schedules, and more.

AutoCAD 3D Course Training helps you customize with add-on apps and APIs.

Specialized Toolsets

Industry-specific features and intelligent objects for AutoCAD architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical design, and more are included in AutoCAD 2D and 3D training near me.

  • Floor layouts, sections, and elevations may all be automated.
  • You can rapidly draw plumbing, ducting, and circuitry with parts libraries.
  • Annotations, layers, schedules, lists, and tables may be generated automatically.
  • To correctly enforce industry standards, use a rules-based process.

CAD software- What is It?

CAD, or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), is a design and technical documentation technology that automates the drawing process. You’ve undoubtedly used AutoCAD 2D & 3D programs if you’re a designer, drafter, architect, or engineer. These commonly used software applications may aid in the creation of construction documentation, the exploration of design concepts, the visualization of concepts via photorealistic renderings, and the simulation of how a design functions in the actual world.

What are the benefits of CAD software training?

AutoCAD online trainingoffers many benefits, including:

  • Improved precision when drawing exact measurements
  • Automating routine tasks
  • Libraries of commonly used things such as doors, windows, and industrial components are available.
  • Ability to make rapid changes to a drawing without having to start again.
  • Keeping track of intricate design elements in a single file
  • Creating blocks for things that are regularly depicted
  • Collaboration with colleagues has improved thanks to sharing and marking the same file.


This course of AutoCAD Civil 3D by theAutoCAD Civil 3D trainer near me intends to give users a comprehensive experience of the software. Civil 3D models and related outputs will be taught via hands-on activities and projects. Students will be able to do the following after completing this course:

  • Use the AutoCAD Civil 3D user interface to go around.
  • Work with survey statistics and create point groupings.
  • Surfaces may be created, edited, and analyzed.
  • Survey of LiDAR
  • Alignments are created and edited.
  • Make solutions for grading
  • Carry out a quantity takeoff and a calculation of the earthwork.
  • Roundabout, corridor, junction, and pipeline network design

Which professions use CAD software?

Engineering disciplines across all sectors employ advanced 2D and 3D training in AutoCAD in USA. From idea through handover, see how diverse professions use CAD tools to optimize procedures.


Architect-specific CAD software allows you to design and draw. Take your ideas from concept to construction documentation within a unified software environment.

Building Engineers

BIM techniques aid structural engineers (US site), detailers, and fabricators in improving structural documentation, reducing mistakes, and facilitating cross-team cooperation to speed up fabrication.

Civil engineers

BIM is used to improve the design and documentation of civil engineering projects. Improve predictability, efficiency, and your bottom line by using intelligent, networked processes.

Construction professionals

Connect project information from design through construction and handover by digitizing your construction site.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers may benefit from the professional-grade design, simulation, and manufacturing tools that help them increase workflows, performance, and collaboration.

Electrical Engineers

CAD tools designed for electrical engineers may be used to design and document electrical control systems. Automate typical design processes to boost drafting efficiency.


Reduce time to market by efficiently machining, inspecting, and fabricating quality components.

Car designers

Use Class-A surfacing and professional rendering technologies to conceptualize, create, and render car designs (US site).

Caliber Training & Services is your AutoCAD Architecture near me. Connect with us today and get your training started right away!

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