Revit MEP

Be a Part of Growing Industry being one of the expert. Be a Revit Expert- MEP or BIM expert in MEP.


The Participant should have knowledge of Basic Building Services, Mechanical Services, Electrical Services, MEP Services or anyone.


The Revit MEP course permits for Mechanical/ Electrical/ Building Services / MEP Engineer and Architect to be a BIM Specialist- MEP. Learn how to deliver a Project as a BIM MEP Engineer, HVAC Modeler, Electrical Modeler, Plumbing Modeler, BIM Co-Ordinator- MEP, from day 1 after the course.

  • Spacing and Zoning
  • Heat Load Calculation
  • Duct Modeling- Routing and Connection
  • Chiller water Piping
  • Firefighting modeling
  • Duct Sizing
  • Mechanical Equipment and connection
  • Family Creation
  • Co-ordination, Interference and Clash Detection
  • Electrical fixture Placement
  • Lighting Placement
  • Circuit Creation
  • Panel Schedule Creation
  • Electrical Setting
  • Cable Tray and Conduit Modeling
  • Connecting Transformer and other panels
  • Panel Schedule Template settings
  • Plumbing Fixture Placement
  • Water Supply Piping
  • Drainage Piping
  • Vent Piping
  • Mechanical Equipment connection
  • Fire Sprinkler- Wet Riser and Dry Riser System
  • Hydrant connection
  • Cabinet Family placement
  • Fire Department connection
  • Pipe Accessories
  • Fabrication Piping
  • Spacing,
  • Zoning,
  • Mechanical,
  • Electrical Settings,
  • Duct & Piping,
  • Cable Tray
  • Conduit Modeling
  • Annotation Material Takeoff,
  • Quantities,
  • Scheduling,
  • Sheet Creation,
  • Clash Detection,
  • Work sharing- Local server collaboration,
  • Family Creation
  • ┬áConnection of Piping/ Ducting with Equipment, how to work on Shared Coordinates.

Revit MEP Online Certification Training Available at Caliber Training & Services

Building information modeling (BIM) software for MEP engineers, Revit MEP was developed by Autodesk. Revit MEP addresses the three engineering disciplines of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Dynamic information may be used in intelligent models because of the software’s tremendous computing capabilities. The program is used to speed up the engineering design process, resulting in more efficient product development.

Caliber Training & Services is the right Revit MEP Course Best Training institute where you will meet Revit Electrical trainer, Revit Mechanical trainer, and Revit plumbing trainer. So, if you need help in Revit MEP, we are the right choice for you!

Course Objectives

Students and professionals may learn how to use Revit MEP to produce Revit MEP design, product simulation, design communication, tooling development, and much more with the help ofRevit MEP online training courses near me. Candidates who complete the Revit MEP Online Certification Training will better understand the software and be able to use it more effectively.

Position in the Market

  • Using this method helps minimize risk and improve the quality of MEP systems.
  • The software’s improved visuals expedite the project’s design and construction.
  • Using a single model simplifies the engineering design process, resulting in improved design communication amongst all parties involved.
  • The program will benefit from analytical structural modeling, duct design, and building element energy analysis.
  • The color-fill designs for rooms are made visually noticeable by the HVAC/electrical design.

Course Highlights

Many modules are included in Autodesk Revit MEP Training near me to assist students in improving their knowledge of the technology and its many capabilities. Here are some of the modules:

  • BIM concept
  • Plotting, creating sheets
  • Clash detection
  • Energy Analysis
  • HVAC design
  • Construction Documents and Coordination
  • Creating a Building Layout
  • Worksharing
  • Plumbing circuit design
  • Material Takeoffs
  • Working with fire protection systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Piping Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Coordination


Having a certification from one of the world’s most well-known businesses may help a candidate’s resume stand out and make them eligible for the most sought-after positions. In addition, the courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced BIM Detailer near me, ensuring that students get an excellent education and BIM Projects help.

Job Prospects

Several sectors throughout the world use Revit MEP. The program is used to design, document, and parametric print models. MEP certified experts are in great demand due to their widespread application in the building sector.

Who should be doing this course?

To be successful in the design sector, professionals should strive for the top of their game. An engineering candidate’s resume is bolstered with a professional certification.

Revit For MEP Engineering

Build complicated structures with self-assurance in your design choices.

Revit MEP online trainingis used by mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design engineers, designers, and contractors to model to a high degree of detail and coordinate with construction project participants.

We, at Caliber Training & Services, are available to train you in the Revit MEP. You can connect directly with us and get your training started right away!

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